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Blue & Brown

I’m tired in soul level

Is it obvious ? Or do I wear a mask?

Up until now, so many fights, so many challenges

Now, I yield.

The warrior inside me laid down her sword

Now she standing on a swamp

Can anyone see it ?

Is there someone being able to hold her feet?

Or do I have to leave it to faith this time ?

There is no grass no green

I'm right in the middle of that suffocating brownness

But I have blue over my head

Crystal clear blue

My body and heart are sinking more and more into that brownness

But my head is still so close to blue

Should I listen to my head or my heart ?

Is there still any chance to reach out to that blue ?

Or do I have to love this brownness ?

Where is my sword?

If I stick my sword into the ground,

Will I witness the swamp hardening?

Or is this a meaningless try ?

Should I learn swimming in a swamp

Or should I learn to fly in the sky?

Although blue is just blue

Every brown must have some blue in it.

Reyhan DAĞCI

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